Thursday, May 26, 2016

Favorite Podcasts - Part 2

This is a postscript to my previous blog on podcasts. If you haven’t read that one, go back a few months and read it. Since then I’ve found a few more podcasts that I like and wanted to share them.

The Naked Bible Podcast
Dr. Michael Heiser specializes in ancient cultures and Semitic languages. He speaks on this podcast about various interesting topics, but he is probably most well-known for his recent book, The Unseen Realm and his “divine council theology.” It’s interesting to see how one of the foremost world experts in the Hebrew language handles biblical passages and doctrinal perspectives. I recently heard him explain something I’ve seen to be very true. He said that theology is becoming a wild west of sorts with various pseudo experts on the internet handling and mishandling deeper biblical content in hopes of feeding a growing multitude of Christians hungry for something meatier than your typical Sunday morning sermon. Meanwhile serious biblical scholars are sitting on a gold mine of substantial content but lack the ability or will to relate it to the everyday Christian. I think his aim with this podcast is to connect the world of the scholar with the average Christian in the pew.

Kingdom Roots with Scot McKnight
Scot McKnight is a well-known Christian blogger, author, and New Testament professor. The topics on this podcast aim to help us think about “how the kingdom took root then [in the first century] and how it is taking root now.” I like the approach he has to taking biblical example and background context and applying it to ministry and everyday discipleship. The format is an interview, with a young guy hosting who asks Dr. McKnight questions on their topic of the week. Shows are shorter, ranging from 25-35 minutes. This podcast is fairly new, so at the time I am writing this there are only 18 published episodes. Agree or disagree with Dr. McKnight, you are going to learn something by listening to this one. I think this is geared towards folks in full-time ministry, but I would recommend it to any serious Christian.

The Bible Project
I’ve been plugging the Bible Project for a while now. It’s a series of short videos on YouTube that summarize books of Bible in a very visually appealing way. This podcast is borne out of the interesting and in-depth discussions the creators of the Bible Project have before and after making the videos. Tim, the narrator of the videos, is a biblical scholar and Jonathan, the lead illustrator, does a good job hosting the podcast and interviewing Tim about the subject at hand. My favorite ones they’ve done so far are the ones on the image of God and the follow-up to that called “The Glory of God.” Definitely check this one out if you’ve seen and enjoy their YouTube videos.

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