Friday, August 3, 2018

A Pharmacist or a Missionary? (And 51 Other Questions)

Am I a pharmacist or a missionary? What does it mean to be both? Did God really want me to move to Peru? Why here? Why me? What has God given me to share with people here?

What does healthcare have to do with the Gospel? Does God want us to be healthy? Is it a sin to be unhealthy? Can God use illness for good? Are sick people being punished? Disciplined? Did God create harmful germs? Does He send diseases? Is that blasphemous to say? Can sin cause us to be sick? Can good health cause us to sin?

What role do evil spiritual forces play in illness? What does it mean to be possessed by a demon? Are “demonic possessions” really just mental illnesses? Were things very different in Bible times?
What changed in the world after the Fall? Was the Fall necessary? What can we learn from suffering? What hope do we have for relief?

What are we composed of, spirit and body? Soul? Mind and flesh? What does it mean to be made in the image of God? What happens after we die but before the Resurrection? What will my resurrected body be like? Why treat people if we’re just delaying death? Is there a Christian way to die? What is the Christian way to mourn?

What did Jesus’s healing ministry have to do with the kingdom of God? As his follower, does Jesus expect me to heal people? To exorcise demons? Do miraculous healings even still happen nowadays? What’s with faith healers? Are shamans in league with the Devil?

What have Christians historically done well on “medical missions”? What have they done poorly?  How do you bring God up during a medical consultation? Is it ever inappropriate to pray with a patient? How do you get from treating diabetes to treating the spirit? Am I qualified to do that? What message am I sending by the way I care for people? Am I receiving the credit or is God?

If we pray before meals, why don’t we pray before we take medicine? How can I as a pharmacist help people to medicate their relationship with God? What has God given me to share with people? Are my eyes open to see what they have to share with me? Am I a pharmacist or a missionary?

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